Let's keep this short and sweet, M'kay? The the name's Anarchy Panty if you're a Japanese f*** and Panty Anarchy if you're not. I'm an angel who was cast out of heaven for "bad behavior," along with my fat-ass of a sister, Stocking. What can I say? Us bad girls just wanna have fun. Anyway, to get back into heaven, we gotta collect these heaven coins by defeating ghosts and shit. Together, Stocking and I use our magical panties and stockings to deal with those dip shits. Especially when they can be real cunts, but I usually I don't give a f*** about killing them. Stocking can deal with that, while I get what I'm after: Men's cock. Yup, that's right! I'm here to f*** over 1000 men before I get back into that boring, cloudy piece of shit they call heaven. If you have a dick, and especially a delicious, hard, veiny one; I'm sure we'll get along just fine. Hit me up, boys and meet me at the Immoral Hotel. I'll ride you like a f***ing bull all f***ing night~.
Good, old, fat-ass Stockin'! Pfft, what's there to f***in' say about her? She's a f***in' hooker. She likes eating sweets and has an inevitable diabetic coma she's gonna face sometime in the near future! She's kind a like, uhh, my f***in' sidekick lackey thing or some shit. It's called PANTY and Stockin'; Not Stockin' and Panty! Every super-heroic bitch needs a sidekick, right? Too f***in' bad she makes me look bad all the f***in' time.
I'd say fatty Mc-Fat-Fat is a whore but she barely gets laid. Most likely because her tits are as saggy as a fat, old man and her nipples are as big as dinner plates. F***ing disgusting, if you ask me. She's not nearly as hot as I am. Still, she can come in handy when I need to get my daily dose of huge, hard cock and ghost start to attack. I'll just let her do all the work, because I ain't doing shit when I have dick to tend to. Unfortunately for her, she's got no f***in' social life due to her overeating disorder! I never hear her door lockin' or her bed rockin'! You sex life is kinda bumming me the f*** out, Stockin'!